Can your horse escape a barn fire or other dangerous situation?

Safety Release
 Stall Latch
Safety Release
 Trailer Tie
Safety Release
 Cross Ties

Horse Houdini Safety Door Lock


Ultracite Escape Stall Device
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Swinging Door Latch
Designed so that should their stall become hazardous to them, they can push the door open and exit the barn.

Horse Houdini "Escape No More" product is a unique invention that guarantees that your horse will no longer escape from its stall. Horse Houdini is brilliant in how easy it is to install and to use. Horse Houdini is one of four inventions of JEMAL that focuses on the safety of your horse; your investment and your friend. Horse Houdini also makes it much more difficult for kids who want to be pranksters and open up horse stalls, endangering themselves and the horses.

Safety Release Tie for Horses
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Safety Release Cross Ties  

Designed for saddling and brushing stall. When left and a panic situation occurs, they can escape using their own power. Comes with a 8' poly-rope.  Product must be used with the provided snaps.

(2 Single Safety Release Cross Ties with rope)
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Safety Release Trailer Tie

Designed for release when pulled upon so that there is little if any damage to horse or trailer. Comes with a 48" poly-rope. Product must be used with provided snaps.


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Technical Data
  • Hitches are made of corrosion resistant AISI 304 Stainless steel, with a polycarbonate collar.
  • Latches are made of AISI 4140 spring steel heat treated to 700 to retain its shape.
How they work
  • To release the latches push with at least 200 lb. force against door.
  • To fit the Safety Release Trailer Tie to the trailer and horse:  Hook the large snap into the trailer place the swivel snap to the horse.  Back the horse to his furthest distance, either the back wall or the butt bar.  Adjust the rope so that there is some slack and so that when the horse twists his head the tie will not pull free.  As long as there is slack in the rope the horse should stay tied until you arrive at your destination.
  • With collar at the L (up arrow) position takes less pressure to release when collar is pulled down to H (down arrow) takes more pressure to release.  In the trailer would suggest leaving it in the L position.  As you want your horse free if he should fall.
  • To adjust the rope adjuster pull the rope so that it is tight on the little knob on the adjuster that way the rope will stay in place.  If you leave it loose where the knob is, then the rope will pull tight once the horse extends the tie, taking out any adjustment that you thought you had.
The horse, as long as they take advantage, barring unanticipated obstructions, may be able to escape danger. If item is defective, please call or e-mail and product will be replaced at no charge.

As animals are unpredictable and each reacts differently in unique situations, JEMAL can not and does not make any representation or warranty regarding these devices effectiveness or ability to save lives.
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