Can your horse escape a barn fire or other dangerous situation?

Possible with the Safety Release Trailer and Cross ties!

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Ultracite Escape Mechanism 
From: Christopher_Hinson@SavannahGa.Gov 
Date: Wed, August 23, 2006 2:08 pm 

Mr. and Mrs. Cole, I wanted to send this email to you thanking you for excellent product you have out. The JEMAL - Safety Devices for Horses is a great product that we use every day. The safety factor that the Safety Device provides is immeasurable. The break-away system offers a safety margin that affords the horse a chance to break free from the trailer in the event of a roll over. The Mounted Patrol has the JEMAL Safety Devices in every trailer. We also use the JEMAL Safety cross ties. Being on the "road" just about every day with the horses, the fact that the Safety Device is in use gives us more peace of mind that the horses have the option to break away. Thanks again for your Safety Devices for Horses and if there is anything you need of us, just give us a call. 

Cpl. Chris Hinson 
Savannah-Chatham Metro P.D.
 Savannah, GA 
Special Operations 
Div. Mounted Patrol 
(912) 652-3516


From: sovetsky
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 8:34 AM
Subject: Horse Equipment- @NetPets.Org

I met you at the Springfield, MA Equine Affaire and bought two trailer ties from you. I would like to know how much it is for the cross ties. I really think that these are a great thing. Just the other day I was cross tying my 1 year old Arabian Filly, I used your trailer ties but put a longer robe on it. Well, my filly turned herself right around while I was brushing her and the cross ties became tight but it released and she didn't even know that she was in a dangerous situation
Thank you

Deborah Datsko wrote:

Dear JEMAL Escape Mechanisms,
We picked up a pair of the cross ties at the Harrisburg Horse Show and love them!!! Finally a quick release that actually releases! We had a new horse in the barn that had a bad moment. Your tie released immediately and the horse calmed down right away. We were so shocked that we just stood there! Then the grinning began! We are using them inside and outside of the barn and the trailer. They work so well that everyone moves them around because we don't want to use any other tie. I want to order 3 more pairs - blue, red and green would be nice, but any color is fine. Thanks for the message and the work around. Everyone at the barn thanks you too - people and horses. 
Deborah Datsko
HIS-WP Coordinator, QA/Trainer
The Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Dear JEMAL Escape Mechanisms:

I have waited several months before getting back to you on the five reworked Safety Trailer Ties.
First, I want to thank you for the immediate response to my problem with the original hitches. The fact that you personally drove up from Mass. to inspect and then replace my problem ties says a lot about what kind of company you are.
We have subjected the new ties to both the stock trailer and the big living quarter trailer and our big quarter horses. I would like to report that they work to perfection. We are very pleased. We plan to see you at the November Equine Affair and purchase some outside trailer ties and some door latches for our new barn.
Again, thanks for the great customer service and products.

Norma and Ted Gerwanter
Westmoreland, New Hampshire
I had just tied, brushed, and fly sprayed my 24 year old broodmare.  My Lady in her stall and taken her out , then came back to get my 7 year old mare, Gypsy, to do the same with her.  This poor mare seems to draw bees to her, for some reason.  I led her from her stall to the same tie, a JEMAL Escape Mechanism, tied to the bars in my Lady's stall window.  I had just had My Lady tied to it with no incident.  Almost immediately, wasps flew down from somewhere and started stinging Gypsy around her head! Before I could even realize what was happening, she started shaking and pawing at her head frantically and immediately the device released.  She jumped to the other end of the stall without a scratch except for the painful bee stings!
Cindy Spear
WindSpearit Arabians
Lexington, NC

Your JEMAL Safety trailer tie saved my horse from serious injury and possible death!  On July 5th, 2004, I loaded my 8 year old quarter horse gelding into my trailer for a short trip to our riding lesson about 2 miles from my home.  Just prior to this trip, I purchased two trailer ties from you and was using them this day.  After traveling only about 1/4 mile from my house, my normally level headed, calm horse "freaked out" for no apparent reason and launched himself over the breast bar.  I stopped the vehicle and tried, to no avail to release the breast bar.  I was close enough to my neighbors house to get help but, by the time my neighbor got to us, my horse flipped, had himself over backwards.  The trailer tie released as you stated it would, freeing the horse in motion.  My horse escaped without serious injury.  The position my horse was stuck in over the breast bar did not allow me access to the tie so a quick release tie would not have worked.  I can't say enough to promote and encourage other horse owners to use these ties, it definitely saved my horse and will undoubtedly save many more.  I also use the JEMAL cross-ties in my barn and feel secure in knowing that my horse's environment is safer.  Thank you so much for developing these devices.
Cynthia Alzapiedi
New Ipswish, NH

My thoroughbred gelding, Helios, is a spooky and sensitive horse who has had several bad experiences on traditional crossties.  Even using turtle snap and safety release snaps did not help.  They never seemed to undo quickly enough leaving me with broken halters, broken crossties, and a traumatized and sometimes injured horse.
I purchased a pair of your cross ties at Dressage at Saratoga in May.  I figured if they didn't work as advertised I'd have to give up cross tying him altogether.
Shortly after purchasing your product, he spooked while the farrier was working on him.  We were astonished at how quickly and how easily the tie released, with none of the boomerang of traditional cross ties.  Helios calmed down immediately once the scary monster passed out of sight.  A struggle on the cross ties would have meant paying the farrier to come back another day.  Putting the cross tie back together was simple, and the farrier was able to resume his work.
Your product has provided both convenience (I can continue to cross tie Helios) and peace of mind.  I know that I won't be left with an injured horse and a broken halter when another scary monster creeps by.  Your product is the best.
Karen Mohr
37 Bancroft St.
Albany, NY  12208

My friend's horse broke a halter and escaped after he panicked while tied to my trailer (with her lead rope).  After that I had her use my JEMAL trailer safety tie.  Another horse panicked the following day, again, while tied to my trailer (what is it with these horses?), pulled over 80 lbs and was freed, but did not run away.  She liked my ties so much, she asked me where I got them so I sent her to your web page.  
Linda Swyderski

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As animals are unpredictable and each reacts differently in unique situations, JEMAL can not and does not make any representation or warranty regarding these devices effectiveness or ability to save lives.
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